Cloud walking

What do you think of when you hear the word 'light'? For many of us, light is something that dispels darkness. Something brilliant that radiates and illuminates. But light can also refer to feeling free and weightless.

Qigong has added many things to my yoga practice, and lightness is one of them. Many qigong forms refer to nature, reminding us that we connected to the natural world. We are part of nature and this planet – we are not separate from it.

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. Maya Angelou

References to clouds come up in many qigong forms. Separating clouds. Cloud hands. Parting clouds. 'Cloud walking' is a form that we will explore here. This form improves our balance and coordination, soothes our nervous system, and strengthens our feet and legs. While doing qigong forms, remember to keep your movements light, graceful, intentional and synchronized with your breath.

Cloud walking

1) Take a comfortable standing position. Position the feet around hips’ distance apart. Keep the knees slightly bent, tailbone pointing towards the ground.

2) On an inhale, shift your weight to the left leg while floating the right arm in front of you up to shoulder level. Raise the left knee up to around hip level. Keep the knee and arms lower if this feels promotes more comfort, balance and stability.

3) As you exhale, lower the arm with the breath and lightly replace the lifted foot back to the ground.

4) On the next breath in, shift your weight to the other leg and do the same movements as above on the other side.

Keep the movement going until you establish a soothing, seamless rhythm. Generate a feeling of flow and lightness. Imagine yourself walking lightly on clouds. Place your feet down lightly and with intention each time so that they don’t go through the clouds! Let your eyes have a steady and soft gaze. If you want to challenge your balancing skills, try closing your eyes as you move from side to side. Move with the breath and enjoy.


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